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Mental Health & Tea

As Mental Health Awareness Week approaches (Mon 13th – Sun 19th May), we’re promoting the Public Health Agency’s "Take 5". Last year we gained a ‘Take 5 Workplace’ award for our commitment and focus on our team’s mental health and wellbeing. The 5 pillars of Take 5 are:  Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, and Give. Of course, there is so much more to enjoying a good cup of tea.

Take 5.

Participating in Mental Health Awareness is more than just an annual event for SUKI. It’s always been a crucial part of our ethos and day to day operations - ensuring the health and happiness of our employees.

What is "Take 5" ?

The "Take 5" initiative is based on five key steps to well-being: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, and Give. These activities are designed to help individuals find balance, reduce stress, and improve overall mental health. Here’s how we are incorporating these steps into our company culture:

Connect: We believe that a strong sense of connection is crucial for mental wellness. Although we all stop for tea break together every day, once a month we host a team brunch & learn with a guest speaker to foster a sense of community and support among our staff.

Be Active: Encouraging physical activity is part of our commitment to health. We organize yoga sessions, group charity walks and even boat races, and we’re setting up our badminton court in the Tea Factory car park now the good weather has arrived! And planning our Sports Day for June.

Take Notice: Mindfulness & Gratitude coaches have been brought in to our monthly ‘Brunch & Learn’ sessions to encourage team members to be present in the moment and engage fully with their environment.  The humble ‘tea break’ works a treat for this! This practice can significantly reduce anxiety and improve mood. Our Christmas gathering last year was unusually silent as everyone concentrated so hard on the pottery they were making and decorating

Keep Learning: Lifelong learning is not just about professional development but also personal growth. We organise workshops with our team on topics ranging from stress management to the basics of nutrition, responsible plastic management and climate literacy training to tea & art, all aimed at enhancing our knowledge and skills.

Give: Giving back to the community brings a sense of reward and fulfillment. Our company is involved in various community activities that allow our team members to contribute to meaningful causes and reflect on the benefits of giving. Give your time, give your feedback, give your thanks. And sometimes it’s the simplest pleasures in life – like when someone offers you a cup of tea.