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SUKI Taking time to Tea together

Taking time with a cup of tea can work wonders… take 5 to talk.

We at Suki Tea Makers have always found kindness in a cuppa. With the global pandemic, the world has been given an opportunity to rethink what matters in our lives – some of us have enjoyed a slower pace of life, taking time to pause, taking time to talk, with concern for health being our #1 priority. Tea, being the second most consumed beverage around the world, is important for hydration but also good for our mental health in many, many ways. It is a way of connecting with someone you care about, a symbol of kindness, gratitude, friendship and love.

The magic and importance of tea around the world is not just about sharing and connections, there is a science behind the magic too.

Tea is unique to our diet in that it contains a magical ingredient – an amino acid called L-theanine, which promotes relaxation and mitigates the effects of the caffeine found in tea. That is why, when we have a good cuppa we feel relaxed and rejuvenated, refreshed and calm in equal measure, ready to take on the world again. It both cheers you up and calms you down.

Also, the experience and ritual of making a proper brew and taking important time out, getting that warm fuzzy feeling as it awakens the senses in its liquor, aroma and taste – a moment of tranquillity and meditative pleasure in what can be a crazy world – a moment shared – with yourself and with those nearest and dearest.

Be kind to yourself, show kindness to others – put the kettle on and take time out to relax, enjoy, and feel grateful for the little things in life.

Now who has popped the kettle on?

let’s take 5 and Tea Together ☕️❤️

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