Now that 2020 is well underway and we have fully recovered from all the festive celebrations (and over consumption of mince pies..) we are ready to get kick the January blues. And what better way to do so than our 2 week SUKI Matcha Challenge?

Matcha isn't everyone's cup of tea.. But it's health benefits make it a lot easier to enjoy. As you are consuming the whole tea leaf, you receive 10 times as many nutrients and benefits as drinking a cup of regular loose leaf green tea.

A few reasons why matcha is that good..
✅Contains antioxidants that help regulate blood sugar levels with slow release natural energy keeping you alert and more energised for longer periods of time.
✅Higher amino acids than any other tea which contributes to improving overall mood and mental focus.
✅Contains Chlorophyll which assists in detoxification helping to flush out heavy metals, toxins and chemicals from your body.
✅Contains polyphenol EGCG which is known to boost your metabolism.
✅Versatile. You can pretty much add it into anything without compromising it's taste!

Just 1 shot (1g) of Matcha per day can make you feel so much better, this is equivalent to an espresso shot of coffee and should be treat the same way - as a single, a double, latte, with hot water... One shot can help you feel more energised, give clearer cognitive function, help with concentration and improve memory, as well as the benefits for your skin, hair and nails you'll hopefully see an elevated mood. It really is a superfood! So with all this in mind we are definitely ready to give it a go!

Matcha SUKI

What does matcha taste like? A good quality matcha is bright green and smooth. An average matcha will be yellow and grainy to touch as it has come from the tougher leaves of the tea bush. A good matcha will not taste bitter at all, there will be a slightly sweet taste. The key to a good matcha is the umami flavour. This flavour comes from the high amino acid content

Matcha has a strong, unique flavour. By itself, some may not be too fond of its strong, distinctive flavour, so it's the health benefits that make it a super hero! We have been spending some time trying to make really tasty recipes, to make sure you all enjoy drinking this powerful, green tea.

Starting on Monday 13th for the next two weeks we will each drink a shot of Matcha - some of us replacing our usual morning coffee and others (who can't give up the coffee) will have their Matcha in the afternoon... keep an eye on our blog and social channels for regular updates on how we are enjoying our Matcha and how we feel each day!

Matcha Challenge

What You'll Need:

-Matcha Whisk or a Matcha Shaker

If you order Matcha this weekend you'll get a FREE Matcha Shaker with your order!!!

Check in each day as we update how we are enjoying our daily dose of Matcha below:

Day 1- Matcha Shot

Matcha Shot

To start the challenge off the right way, we are taking our Matcha as a punchy shot today! Check out our Facebook post for a video tutorial from Oscar with this top tips on preparing the perfect matcha shot. Read more on our Preparing Matcha blog post for brewing tips and an easy step by step guide to preparing the perfect shot.

Day 2- Matcha Coconut Latte

Matcha Latte

Today we are enjoying our matcha shot in a latte with coconut milk. See our Matcha Coconut Latte blog post for the full recipe.

Day 3- Matcha Iced Tea

Matcha Iced Tea

Re-energising and refreshing! They went down a treat here in SUKI HQ! See how we made ours on our Matcha Iced Tea blog post.

Day 4- Matcha Breakfast Bowl

Matcha Breakfast Bowl

We are enjoying a nutritious breakfast bowl at SUKI HQ this morning. See our Matcha Breakfast Bowl blog for the recipe.

Day 5- Matcha Fruit Juice

Matcha Fruit Juice

For Day 5 we are enjoying a lovely fresh glass of Matcha Fruit Juice. See our Matcha Fruit Juice blog for our easy to follow recipe.

Day 6- Matcha & White Chocolate Muffins

Matcha Muffins

We are treating ourselves to some Matcha and White Chocolate Muffins! They are so delicious and with matcha as the key ingredient they are still healthy.. right?? See our Matcha & White Chocolate Muffins blog post for the recipe we followed.

Day 7- Matcha Hot Chocolate

Matcha Hot Chocolate

On to Day 7 and today we are enjoying a delicious Matcha Hot Chocolate. We have a bit of a sweet tooth this weekend! This hot chocolate makes for a great afternoon pick me up. See our Matcha Hot Chocolate blog to see how we made our hot chocolate.

Day 8- Matcha & Apple Juice

Matcha Apple Juice

Today we are enjoying our matcha with apple juice. This is one of our favourite ways to enjoy our daily dose of matcha, with a delicious sweet twist. Even the matcha sceptics at SUKI HQ enjoyed it!! Watch Oscar make the perfect combo on our Facebook video.

Day 9- Matcha Smoothie

Matcha Smoothie

Today we enjoyed a matcha smoothie. It was super easy to make and packed full of nutrients. It's a perfect breakfast for a great start to the day or a lovely afternoon refreshment! See our Matcha Smoothie blog for the recipe

Day 10- Matcha & Mint Iced Tea

Matcha and Mint Iced Tea

The sun is shining this afternoon at SUKI HQ, so we fancied something a little cooler today. We are enjoying a Matcha & Mint Iced Tea. See our blog for the full recipe.

Day 11- Matcha Vanilla Latte

Matcha Vanilla Latte

For Day 11 we are enjoying a delicious Matcha Vanilla Latte. This latte is super quick and easy to make. A matcha latte with a lovely hint of sweetness! See how we made our matcha latte.

Day 12- Matcha Marshmallow Crispies

Matcha Crispies

For day 12 of our we are treating ourselves to matcha marshmallow crispies. We are enjoying a few of these at SUKI HQ with our morning cuppa. Follow the recipe here.

Day 13- Matcha Coconut Cups

Matcha Coconut Cups

We have almost come to end of our matcha challenge! We are making the most of day 13 with matcha coconut cups. Mmm, yes please! Follow our recipe here.

Day 14- Matcha Shot


We are finishing our matcha challenge as we started.. with a shot of matcha. Read more on our Preparing Matcha blog post for brewing tips and an easy step by step guide to preparing the perfect shot.

Let us know in the comments below if you are joining us for the SUKI Matcha Challenge and how it's made you feel! Don't forget to tag us @sukitea or #sukitea on social media. We love seeing everyone's photos!